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PostSubject: Dragothemage   Mon Dec 14 2009, 00:30

Personal information:

Name: Pete
Age: 17
I live in: London, Uk

Some more information about me:
Like a good laugh and wiling to work hard in raids. In college during day but can raid 6pm-2am GMT

In-game Information:

In-game name:Dragothemage
Specc: Mainspecc: Arcane(57/3/11) <-- Mostily 226 with a few 245's
Offspecc: none
Armory Link:

Specc I prefer: Arc but willing to try FF or fire

Note: Also have 2 other 80's on SH DragoX (Pally Tank/Healer uld 10 gear) and Idrago ( Blood DK with crap gear )

Raiding experience:

- OS 10 & 25
- Naxx 10
- Maly 10
- Ulduar 10 full + some hardmodes (dragox)
- Ulduar 25 some (dragothemage)
- ToC 10 up to FC
- ToC 25 up to Jar
- Ony 10
- Ony 25

Guild history:
Cleared Ulduar with Filthy Murlocs before they Merged with a full swe guild forcing me to leave (dont speak swe)

My personal WoW goals:

- 10 Lvl 80's at some point
- Pimp slap the lich king
- 10k dps

Why do I want to join:

Because i belive that i could do better raiding in a guild. + SH pug community is bad

Still have something you want to know?

gimme a /w ingame
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PostSubject: Re: Dragothemage   Mon Dec 14 2009, 11:21

Hi, thanks for the nice appliciation, at the moment we're in dire need for casters. So in that case I'll get you in with a short trial period, if still interested PST ingame.
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