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 Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.

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PostSubject: Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.   Sun Dec 27 2009, 01:47

Character Information

Character Name: Xmz

Current Server: Shattered Hand

Character Class: Death Knight

Character Race (or planned race in case of Faction change) Human, the race that is superior as an alliance DPS death knight.

Screenshot of Your User Interface:

Link to your Armory Profile: (the two lvl 80 characters named Xmz are my characters, where the paladin is my main, bump his achievements if you want to know what WOTLK experience I have).

Current Professions: Mining and Jewelcrafting (JC is still in progress, though).

Personal Information

Your name: Pontus.

Location: Sweden.

Your Age: 16.

Your Timezone: GMT + 1 (Central European)

What times do you play the most or are most active in the game? During the evenings, and on weekends when I dont have anything better to do, I'm at school during the days. (most of the time)

What do you enjoy doing the most: Raiding, and while I can enjoy PvP aswell, it never really reaches the kick you get from downing a new hardmode, or a new boss.

Have you ever been a raid leader, class leader, officer, or website administrator with another guild? I was a guildleader for my own guild during TBC, it wasn't the guild that I obtained the most expeience with through TBC, though, the guild I raided with during TBC downed 4/6 in SWP (damn you, M'uru!).

Why are you using your current spec, and what does it give the raid
I'm running unholy, which is the best DK spec for single target and sustained AoE DPS for a death knight at the moment. It also adds the 13% magic damage buff. While other classes can provide this buff, the death knight is the only one that can easily spread it to many targets with one (two) GCD(s), without even losing any DPS.

What is your current rotation? I'm running a unholy build without reaping, seeing it's the best build if you do not have the 2pt T10, my current rotation is:
PS-IT-SS-BS-PT-DC-HoW-SS-SS-BS-BS-DC-(DC)-SS-SS-BS-PT Whereas the DC within parameters are only used if I have excessive RP.

Previous Raiding Experience:

Ran around in MC a few times, had a kick at AQ20, nothing spectacular, but I remember how it was during that time, and that experience is probably more valuable than anything you can get during WOTLK raiding.

During the burning crusade I started raiding more seriously, whereas I was more mature in age and had the possibility to play more. This led to one or two things, but in the beginning of TBC I was at a LAN party with most of my guild (A solid core of seven members who decided to head for kara when TBC came) anyway, we got to 80 in not too long, found three more members and started normal instances to gear. As we (thought) we were geared we headed for Karazhan to realise that we were far from able to do it (tanks weren't crit immune, etcetc) and hence we split into our previous two groups, and did more normal isntances, now enriched with the cheerful experience of heroics aswell.
By the time we started raiding karazhan we were n2 on the server (yay!) and we cleared karazhan in two (or three (?)) weeks. at this time parts of the guild parted, and so did I, and I joined another guild, named Hunters of Men (yeah, the name is supposed to be taken the gay-way) With this guild I achieved server firsts on Lurker, Solarian (spelling?), Al'ar, Vashj, Requilary of Souls and Archimonde. After BT and MH were on farm we went on a two month-hiatus however, which resulted in that most of the core fell away, and the guild was not as strong as it once were when we hit SWP, hence we never downed the entire instance.

I started playing in wotlk on my horde death knight (this character was together with my alliance paladin, my horde warlock, and my horde warrior scammed through a keylogger, and I can't retain the account) where I joined a guild that quickly cleared everything except the Sartharion hardmodes (both 10 and 25man). Anyway, when Ulduar came I had done 2/3 HM's on sartharion 25man, and 1/3 10man. When ulduar came out we cleared everything but Vezax and YS during the first week, and then: BAM! Scammed.
Feeling as if hit by a friggin car, losing the account I had been playing at since four days after release, I called one of my friends, and he quickly came up with the idea to gather a few friends and start using RAF to reroll. This is when I leveled my Horde paladin, which dinged 80 a few weeks before ToC came (due to summer break in between - not very much playing by then) I quickly started gearing (which isnt hard as a healer) and soon had enough gear to start running ToC. At the time I had no guild, but I was able to go as a stand-in for one of my paladin friends in his hardcore guild, where I did FL Hardmode, for instance. When ToC was still the biggiest stuff in the bizniz I pulled together a PuG with people I knew, and managed to get a solid group for TotGC. (yeah, I pugged 4/5 totgc /flex) we had a 2% wipe on AA aswell, but we never managed to get it down.
A few weeks ago one of my friends had the idea of rerolling alliance. As the idea was positively recieved with the rest of my friends i started feeling chills. I did not want to level again, not so shortly after my last speed-level with my paladin. And hence I decided to level a DK, and this is where I am today.

Any noteworthy PvP experience?
Not really, haven't been playing very seriously in pvp (and i've never had a good partner either, been playing with one of my less-hard-core friends, but never reached anything spectacular).

Do you have Vent and mic? Both of them, working too, if I may add.

How long did you take to level from 70 to 80? On this char: One weekend (Friday - Monday morning (including 55-60 aswell))

Why should we pick you?
Because I'm awesome, bottom line. Oh no, not gonna' go arrogant swede-style, but hey, i've got it in the blood.

Because I'm a player who knows what needs to be done to reach certain goals, I'm aware of what happens around me and always have opinions of what needs to be done to be able to beat a certain encounter, may it be raidsetup or tactic. I'm a player that has been around for very long, and through this I've gained excessive information of how this game works.
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PostSubject: Re: Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.   Sun Dec 27 2009, 13:01

great apply, any comments from the officers maybe?
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PostSubject: Re: Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.   Mon Dec 28 2009, 03:03

Shit, you just know that if I can top the DPS metre, he can top that by the looks of this. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.   Mon Dec 28 2009, 03:11

We could use some additional dps for our 25man progress i think, somebody who's active and has XP is realy a thumbs up!

We will contact you ingame Smile

PS: if you have any alts you play on a lot?
Let us know!
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PostSubject: Apply   Sun Jan 03 2010, 10:11

No, not very many alts, I was on vacation between dec 28th and jan 3rd, but i'm back on track as of today, and I'll be pawning playtime shortly aswell.
I'll be glad to hear from you by then.
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PostSubject: Re: Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.   

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Xmz, preferably Unholy (but also considering Blood) death knight.
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