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 Guild Rules

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Do you aggree with the rules of the guild? if no byebye :)
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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Sat Nov 28 2009, 12:40

Guild Focus = Community.
The Guild is its members. This means taking an active part in the Guild, joining in events, grouping with other Guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, doing what you can to help the Guild as a whole. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the Guild. And never forget - WoW is a game. Lets have fun, create moderate amounts of mayhem, and drink more beer!

Also never forget that you carry the Guild's name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being a Non Fiction, and make those around you happy to see one. Be polite, both to Guildies and fellow travellers. Be a nice person - even if this means you have to role-play the whole time (we're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...)! Don't spam, don't ninja-loot, don't kill steal, don't get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally train.

Any member who does not play within Blizzard's policies and Guild rules will be removed from the Guild, as this can damage a Guild's reputation. Conversely, if another player acts poorly toward you, then try politely asking them to stop or reach a compromise, and if that doesn't work, try speaking with one of their Guild's officers. There is never an excuse for dealing with like by like. Have self-respect. No begging in guild chat, and especially not in general/trade chat, /say, /yell /raid! etc. By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction. If it is not immediately urgent or you no-one is around to help, try the forums. For quest assistance, do some research, and if needed plan a date and time, asking for help from people through a forum post or setting up an event on our Calendar, or just ask an officer. It is easier to help those who help themselves in this respect.

If you are looking for services (gems, enchanting etc.) - your request should be polite and specific where possible. Guild members are under no obligation to fulfil the requests, however if they are not busy and have the time to spare, then providing assistance is encouraged. These should be non-exploitative - neither overcharging a guild member nor making a profit from another's good will. If a Guildie offers you something cheaply, buy it to use it, not to sell it on elsewhere. If no response to your request is received in guildchat, then direct whispers should not be used. By all means repeat the request after a polite amount of time but do not spam.

Member Level Limit
The minimum level limit for a main character in Non Fiction is 80.

New Member Applications
Applicants must post in the Recruits Applications forum using the rules provided and are also required to register an account on the forum before they are tagged.

Once an application has been reviewed, an officer will contact the recruit for guild tagging as a probationary member. If you are unable to create an account please mail an officer (contact us in game to get an address).

A thread in Recruits will be created for each new recruit, where members may post comments good or bad. These will all be archived when the new recruit is promoted to a full member, or if they are asked to leave. If a guild member has cause to feel that an applicant would not make a good Wyrd Angle, they are encouraged to bring this to the attention of the officers, either by posting in Recruits, or contacting an officer directly. All such negative recommendations will be investigated before the applicant is denied membership.

Probation period
All new recruits have a 1-2 weeks probation period and in that time they should spend as much time as possible interacting with the guild - grouping with members, attending events/raids, being active in guild chat etc. This will give our current members the chance to get to know the recruit and vice versa.

In rare cases the probation period can be increased or even decreased (<1 week minimum / 8 week maximum) at the officers' discretion based on comments from guild members. If there are still concerns over the suitability of a recruit at any point during their probation period they will be removed from the guild. Probationary members are not entitled to raid loot or guild bank items.

You are entitled to have 1 Alt character tagged during your probation. Alts must also meet the minimum level(20) requirements but exceptions may be made. Upon successfully passing probation and becoming a full member you will be asked to move all of your lvl 80 characters within the Alliance on Shattered Hand to the guild.

Re-Tagging of Ex Guild Members
As in most environments people will from time to time move onto other things or have a change of circumstances which requires a character to leave the Guild. In some circumstances these AFG periods (away from Guild) may be relatively short (1 or 2 months) in other cases it has been known to be years.

To reflect the sense of camaraderie of the Guild with both current and past members the following rules will apply to members re-applying for membership (this excludes those who are judged to have left the Guild on 'non friendly terms' or have been asked to leave the Guild for whatever reason in which case you've probably got a lot of apologising to do before you are even tagged for probation!).

Time of absence <= 3 months, the afg will not be required to carry out a probation period as it is deemed to be an extended holiday (even if the player joins another Guild and returns). Nevertheless, the Guild officers may ask the returning member to fill in our standard application form for review.

Time of absence > 3 months, the afg will be required to fill in an application and carry out a probation period as if they were a new recruit.

If there's any question mark over the time of absence, it is assumed to be greater than three months and probation is required.

Please note - if you know you're going around the world for a year but would like to remain in guild please let us know so we don't clear you out!

The primary aim of the guild - as already mentioned - is to have fun, cause some mayhem, and drink beer. Please try to remember this before you get caught up in XP or loot worries, panicking about not having a group, or a myriad of other things that spoil both your enjoyment and that of others.

Enjoyment should be your number one priority. Events are aimed at everyone having fun, and while fun is a key ingredient in our raids as well, we expect our members to be focused and come prepared. Raids are for the good of the Guild as a whole, not the good of the individual Guild members. Unwanted loot (including all green and blue items) goes to the guild bank for disenchanting , unless you explicitely want an item for RP or being a total clown.

Only officers may arrange an event or raid. This will include raid leader/event organiser, level limit (if unclear), start time, finish time and any specific loot details (see next section) Any open raids or organised farms will be marked specifically in the raid info. Do not get saved before the guild runs have been made!You can do a pug AFTER the guild cleared it that week!

During any organised raids (or organised parts of open raids), please keep babble to a minimum while explanations are given by the raid leader and/or loot is being distributed. We use the raid chat channel for instructions and directions, and extra chatter makes it easy to miss this important information. People also regularly use our Ventrilo server during raids, however instructions will always be in writing as well if not everyone is on Vent (which is normal).

Since june 2006 we are using a system called DKP&prio for NF-raids, maintaining a "Need"- and a "Would Like"-list. Recruits will have to wait until they have passed probation before they are added to the suicide list. DKP will be earned in 10 and 25 man, but will ONLY be used in 25. In 10 man we will use a prio system regarding rank (member>trial,officer=member) and gear (one who needs most, gets). This will be discussed in raid and officer chat to work out, if not...rolls will be made ^^

It must be stressed that loot orientated people will not enjoy life in Non Fiction. We are not a loot orientated guild - we play to enjoy, and after that become uber. If you are bidding against a fellow guild member and see that he would benefit more from the drop than you, it is up to you to withdraw your bid and the item will go to the person that is 2nd highest on the list (in 25m that is).

The Guild Bank
The Guild bankers volunteer their time to the Guild for their specific jobs. Please respect this at all times. You are expected to travel to them and should not keep them waiting, or have the item mailed to you. If they are online, ask if they are available for an exchange. If you're an hour away, then ask if they will be available in an hour's time. Get yourself to the arranged meeting place (not 3 zones away) before you ask them to show up. If anyone has to wait, it should be you. Requests for items should generally be made in whisper not guild chat. If it's urgent contact an officer in game.

If you have unequipped items from the Guild bank on an alt you remove, or if you are asked to leave the Guild, these are expected to be returned.

The Guild maintains Guild funds. These are for funding of organised raids, prize money, and anything else that benefits the Guild. The funds consist of old items from the guild bank having been sold as well as donations by our members. We will not charge membership fees to increase Guild funds. Equally, these funds are not available for loan to Guild members.

Anyone wishing to donate money or equipment to the guild should use the ingame guild bank for this or send an ingame mail to an officer. If you choose the latter option, please make your intention clear. Extra DKP can be given, but don't expect loads.

Anyone wishing to donate real money (Paypal) towards the cost of running the website and forums should contact an officer - note, any money paid into this can only be used to pay our ventrillo/site, the money can not be extracted from the system to buy the officers beer etc, maybe a dildo, but that's the max.

Forum Signatures

Large dimension sigs may distort the page on some lower resolutions. Large file sizes result in longer page loads; they also use up significant amounts of bandwidth which for some users is limited or paid for upon use; they sometimes don't load for dial up users and they make viewing the forum on anything other than a broadband PC (think PDA, mobile etc) nearly impossible.

The following limits should be adhered to


500 wide x 200 high (including any text lines), max size - 100Kb

Saying that, our preferred signature size is:

500 wide x 120 high (including any text lines), max size - 100Kb

Signatures that do not meet the above limits will be removed.

It's over 9000!
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Guild Rules
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