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 application by calle, enjoy.

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PostSubject: application by calle, enjoy.   Sun Jan 24 2010, 16:19

Character Information!!

Character Name: Callíox

Current Server: Shattered Hand

Character Class: Death Knight

Character Race: Night Elf

Character Specc: 17/0/54.

Current Professions: Mining and Skinning (I Will raise the skill of them as fast as possible :p).

Gearscore: 4905k

Also visit my armory site:

Personal Information!!

Real Name: Calle Stålkrantz

Location: Sweden,stockholm

My Age: (15years)Born 1994 Sep day 06.

My Timezone: GMT + 1 (Central European)

I'm Active as much as i can. From 17-23:00 and if i need to stay 1h more thats no problem, for example if the raid is going on overtime i will definetly stay to complete my job :p.

I like to raid, but pvp works for me to but it's kinda boring Sad i have played wow for like 4 months, but i know my class very good. such as enchants,gems . and i working on the headenchant. And i need to farm more frost to buy the Back in dalaran.

I have been a raid leader like 3-4 times and it's very funny Smile. I have raided VoA 10/25 Ony 25 and also naxx25 but the group sucked so we wiped. I had a own guild called <Shattered Hands Fínest> but the guild was fail. Non-active players and much more ....

I am using my current specc because i know good rotations for both aoe& boss/single target. Im Dealing like 5-6.5k dps in raids.

My current rotation that I'm running is for unholy build is: (single/boss) - IC,PS,BS,BS,SS,SS,DC,DC then repeat all the time. (aoe) - IC,PS,BS,prestilence,SS,DC,DC Repeat all the time.

Previous Raiding Experience:

I started playing wow when wotlk alrdy come out. first i raffed my Night Elf Hunter. After That i decided to beginn a death knight , and it's going pretty good.

My PvP experience is okey, but i could learn more if needed. I think that pve is much funnier, raid,hc and much more.

I got Ventrilo (all versions) and headset with mic thats work. I can also download other programs like skype,teamspeak .......
I played on lvl 80 in 4 played time days.

my reason why u should recruit me.
Because I'm a social and disciplined player, even that i played a short time.I looking forward to raid and do other stuff with this guild. i wanna meet new people and just wanna have fun.
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PostSubject: Re: application by calle, enjoy.   Sun Jan 24 2010, 16:55

Hello! I'm happy to see such a nice apply for such a new player. Melee ain't that much wanted in raids these days but we'll surely test you out on a raid.
Be sure to read tactics and get flasks for ICC, whisper Shockwave, Lightforge, Hotnail or Atayla in game Smile
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application by calle, enjoy.
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