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 Protection Paladin

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PostSubject: Protection Paladin   Sun Jan 24 2010, 20:46

Hello My Name Is Rickard Irl and im 18 years old from Sweden

And im intressted joining the guild with my lvl 80 protection paladin called "Fryzion"

I was earlier in a guild called "The Nobles"

I have done all raids with my Druid so i know tactics in ICC and TOGC and old school Raids.

My gear aint the best i got 36250 HP with my own buffs (Blessing Of Sanctuary)

Im farmin HC's So i can get a little better gear but im good enough to tank toc 10 and toc 25 and onyxia 10 and 25.

Im very active and can raid almost every day.

My brother Spakry plays in the guild aswell.

Im intressted joining the guild because i think i can bring alot to the guild

Best Regards Fryzion
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Protection Paladin
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