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 Meet the officer crew!

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PostSubject: Meet the officer crew!   Mon Feb 15 2010, 13:35

Since most people get confused by who to talk to about certain stuff that happens in the guild. So here's a little list of officers and what they do in the guild. Officers won't help you with a problem that's not within their job.

General Officers: Onichu, Carriana, Tomoe
What do they do: They are the back-up officers. They help where needed, they do the best they. You can always talk to them since they have knowledge about raids or social status.

Social Officer: Atayla
What does she do: This is the one person you want to talk to when you have an issue with an other guildmember, questions about what's going to happen within the guild and the one you can complain to about things that happen in the guild.

Raid Officer: Lightforge
What does he do: Lightforge picks the people for the raids, he also inspects for sockets, enchants, flask and foodbuffs. When he says you aren't good enough to raid with us.. you aren't! He's also Masterlooter in raids.

Guildleader: Milkshakes/Shockwave
What does he do: He manages all the stuff in the guild. Simply put.. he IS the guildleader. He's also raidleading and your biggest DKP fear!

The officer service is available 24/7 and sponsored by Energy drink!

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Meet the officer crew!
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