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 Mitchell; the protection paladin

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PostSubject: Mitchell; the protection paladin   Mon Feb 15 2010, 14:57

I'd just like to start of by mentioning that I shamelessly stole the template for this application from another applicants post futher down.

Character Name:Mitchell

Current Server: Shattered Hand

Character Class: Paladin

Character Race:

Screenshot of Your User Interface:

Using the following addons:
Gamescore(tho I think this addon is a plague on this game)

Current Professions:
Mining / JC - I really haven't put too much effort into neither of these two, since I've been busy gearing up.

Personal Information

Your name: Michel

Location: Örebro, Sweden

Your Age: 21

Your Timezone: GMT + 1 (Central European)

What times do you play the most or are most active in the game?
Evening/night time is when I usually play, tho it's pretty spread out. If I don't have anything going on at the university or I'm just feeling lazy, I'll be on from the time I wake up til I crawl back into bed.

What do you enjoy doing the most:
I really like just fooling around, not taking the game all too serious and ofcourse raiding.

Have you ever been a raid leader, class leader, officer, or website administrator with another guild?
Vanilla: Was the hunter class leader in a guild called Essential on Twisting Nether. Lead raids through everything from ZG to BWL.
TBC: Officer in some guild which name eludes me. We weren't all too serious with the whole raiding thing. We managed to clear Kara, ZA, gruul and SSC. Had more of a back seat role in this guild. Managed internal conflicts, application rather than leading raids.

Why are you using your current spec, and what does it give the raid
The spec I'm using now is a 0/56/15 (SoC-spec). I have no plans on using a spec like this for raiding, seeing it's just a heroic spec.
I'd go 5/56/10 for raiding.

What is your current rotation?

Holy shield -HoRec - SoR - Conc - HoR and then just tap whatever's not on CD.

Previous Raiding Experience:

AQ40 (Didn't get too far in here tho. Think we managed to get 2 or 3 bosses)
Naxx (Same goes here. We downed razuvious, and that's all the progress we did prior to tbc).

TK(Had a few bosses down, but we never cleared the dungeon)
BT (Never even set foot in that raid instance. Not once)
MT hyial (Only did one boss in that one. Never got too far in there)
Sunwell Plateau (Never entered the instance)

Ulduar(Have some experince from this one, tho I would not count this to my raiding experience, since I wasn't in with the whole progression thing. Just jumped in and got my arse dragged through a couple of bosses).

Any noteworthy PvP experience?
Had rank10 back in vanilla(the full blue set).

Do you have Vent and mic?
Yes and yes.

How long did you take to level from 70 to 80? On this char:
Think it took me about 5 days. Leveled from the safety of Ironforge with the lfg-tool.

Why should we pick you?
I'm a humble guy. I wouldn't say I'm the best player ever. I know my class and I don't mind wiping(went trough the whole Vael-experience without making too much fuzz). I'm fairly predictable(ie I won't run off, being offline for a week without saying why).

If you've got any questions, ask away!
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PostSubject: Re: Mitchell; the protection paladin   Mon Feb 15 2010, 14:59

Realized I missed out on two of the questions:

Character Race: Human

Screenshot of Your User Interface:
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PostSubject: Re: Mitchell; the protection paladin   Mon Feb 15 2010, 16:33

great apply, give a whisp ingame Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Mitchell; the protection paladin   Mon Feb 15 2010, 18:28

Great. I'll throw you a whisper right now.

Gonna leave a bad taste in your mouth straight away, since from tomorrow I'll be out of town until thursday. Can't really pass up going to my sisters wedding. This is however a one time thing. Rarely leave my appartment for anything else Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Mitchell; the protection paladin   

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Mitchell; the protection paladin
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