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 Moonbeamz - Shadow Priest

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PostSubject: Moonbeamz - Shadow Priest   Mon Feb 15 2010, 18:44

Who am I?

I'm Alexander Kerckhofs, a 16 year old student living in Antwerp, Belgium. Currently I'm in my 5th year of high school currently studying to become an industrial engineer. I have been raised in the English language so I speak fluent English, which I hope you'll notice after reading this application. In my spare time I do motocross and try to regularly visit the gym in addition to partying as much as possible of course. Enjoying the student lifestyle basically!

In World of Warcraft I play a shadow priest called Moonbeamz who I try to keep in perfect shape. I've gone through most of the Ulduar hardmodes with her and my previous guild, The Zoo, on Draenor which I left because of a lack of interest in hardcore raiding at that time. After The Zoo I joined some PuGs here and there and went through some attempts at creating a guild myself, failing each time due to me either being too picky or just not finding people who are able of writing applications which don't assemble those of a chimpanzee with down syndrome! Wink

The reason I'd like to just Non Fiction is because I'm currently looking for a guild which doesn't have everything cleared for me so I can just jump in and farm, I like a challenge. You guys seem to have it all, a light and friendly atmosphere, a concentrated raiding style and a competent guild leader.

Back to my character, I'll try to break it down more so your eyes won't start to bleed as you hit this wall of text!

Class: Priest
Race: Human
Spec: Shadow - I chose shadow after having played holy for way to long, however, being the lazy person I am I just specced shadow instead of rerolling a pure DPS class.
Playstyle: In raids I focus on doing whatever the encounters requires me to do, be it control Blood Beats with Mind Flay, soak the Big Bang on Algalon with Dispersion, etc. while maintaining the highest possible DPS I can (usually beating those pures! hah!)

Last but not least, I'd like to mention that Moonrayz and I are brothers and both long term MMO players.
Feel free to whisper me ingame if you have any further questions, however I think I've told you about everything there is to say.

GSM +32478504372
or ingame: Moonbeamz
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PostSubject: Re: Moonbeamz - Shadow Priest   Tue Feb 16 2010, 09:36

I like your application, I wish everybody would put this kind of effort in there application.

Welcome in the guild.

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Moonbeamz - Shadow Priest
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