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 Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid

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PostSubject: Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid   Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17 2010, 02:06

About myself:

I'd like to start by saying that writing applications really isn't my best quality.
My name is Jelle Vissers, I'm 20 years old and currently living in the Netherlands a.k.a. Holland.
I'm a senior student at a hotel school and the last year I've been on traineeships in Berlin and the Gran Canaria. I'm a person that likes to speak other languages and playing games with other people.

Character information:

Name: Boomtak
Spec: Feral DPS
Why this Spec? Well I like to do DPS but I don't like the concept of mana, which I don't have to worry about as a feral. Feral, however, is by far the superior DPS spec for druids at the moment.
My gear: Well, my gear is not superb. I didn't play for 6 months but I'm currently farming to get my druid back in optimal shape. I have now 4864 gear score and a dps output from 4.5 - 5k on boss in HC.
Other information: I'm always prepared for the raid meaning: food, flasks, repaired, reagents and I'm always concentrated.
Alts: I have a Protection Paladin (Moonliightz, yeah I know) and a level 75 Shaman (Lileryn)
Armory links:
Druid: Boomtak
Paladin: Moonliightz

Guild history:

Well for the last 6 months I haven't been playing so I was guildless. Before I went on trainee-ship, I was in The Zoo on Dreanor. I did some hardmodes in Ulduar but not that many. In Vanilla I did almost every raid, only didn't do Naxxramas. In TBC I wasn't that active in raiding to be honest. Only did some in SSC and TK, never did Black temple. In ICC 10 I did first 5 bosses with a pug and didn't do ICC 25 because people don't accept you with the gear score or without the achievement.

Reason of joining the guild:

Well, I really start hating the PuGs. You always get the brainless people in your group. My friends have also joined the guild (Moonbeamz and Moonrayz) and they said to me that it is a really nice guild, semi-casual, I like that. I like when there is a guild chat and progress raiding. I really like that you are still progressing in ICC 10 and 25 and I want to help with it, as much as possible.


You can always contact me with email, or you can whisper me ingame, Boomtak or Moonliightz

I hope that you like the application!

Best regards,
Boomtak a.k.a. Jelle Vissers
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Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid Empty
PostSubject: Re: Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid   Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17 2010, 09:41

Hi there Jelle,

First of all I want to say your application is far from bad Wink although its not your best quality as you discribed.

I agree your gear is just a bit to low for joining us but since I know your almost there and I've seen your DPS & dedication in heroics I'm willing to invite you in the guild.

Contact me in game.

Belgian Jelle Wink
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Boomtak - Feral (dps) druid
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