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 Lieza 80 Death Knight

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PostSubject: Lieza 80 Death Knight   Sun Feb 21 2010, 21:01

Player information :

Irl name : Stef

Age : 17

Country : Belgium

Character Information :

Character Name : Lieza

Class : Death Knight

Specc : Blood Tank(Main) , Frost DPS(Off)

Previous Guilds : Related : It happend yesterday , me and Sjonniee (The mage who applied here to) was in the same guild when suddenly they disbanded because the leader wanted to go Horde.)
Belgian Guards of Honor : I was was in this guild on my Rogue in Classic WoW till they disbanded at the end of TBC.

Alts :Bllazz Level 73 Rogue , i rerolled DK.
Duvelyna level 70 Shaman , leveling her to go restoration.

Professions : 450 Alchemy , 450 Herbalism.

Gear Information :

I got 34806 Hp Unbuffed with my Frost Presence on.
4914 GS, still farming badges to get my 4980 , guess i can reach that.
Still farming for enchanting my gear , since i am low on cash atm.

Experience Information :
Classic :
Molten Core;Cleared
Blackwing Lair; Cleared untill Nefarian.

Magtheridon's Lair ; Cleared
Gruul's Lair : Cleared
The Eye;Cleared untill Keal'Thas.
Serpentshrine Cavern;Cleared the first 3 Bosses.
The Black Temple;Unseen.

Naxxramas10 ; Did some bosses , including Kel'Thuzad.
Naxxramas25 ; Unseen.
Vault of Archavon10&25 ; Unseen.
The Eye of Eternity ; Unseen.
The Obsidian Sanctum ; Cleared.
Trial of the Crusader 10 ; Cleared untill Twins.
Trial of the Crusader 25 ; Unseen.
Trial of the Grand Crusader10&25 ; Unseen.
Ulduar ; Cleared couple bosses.
Onyxia10&25 ; Cleared.
Icecrown Citadel10 ; Cleared the first 4 bosses.

The lack of experience in the wotlk series is that i had a break for a while because of my school.

Raiding Information :
I can raid everyday from 19:00-23:00.
I am a motivated player doing all he can to support the raid with his flasks.
Concentration in a raid is a must in my opinion, in raids we are a team and if 1 fails all fails.
I never leaded a raid, although i was planning to do this in my previous guild BGoH.
I wanna help people as much as i can with HC's, raids where i don't need any gear, and other stuff.
It's hard to find a good guild as a not good enough geared tank so i am a guy who always knows his tactics of all the bosses he's planning to raid that day, and i always try to do the best i can.
Important Information :

Well, tomorrow i am going to my Internship(if its the right word , its Stage in Dutch) for 2 weeks, so i will be offline for 2 weeks since its a 3 star Restaurant named Hof van Cleve, i am home on Sunday and Monday so i will be contactable on these days ingame.
Also you can contact me on when i am online during this period.
Or on wich i can check and reply evryday.

Have a nice day further.
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Lieza 80 Death Knight
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