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 Vixanthius - 80 Mage.

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PostSubject: Vixanthius - 80 Mage.   Fri Dec 03 2010, 16:01

Personal information:

Name: Robin
Age: 21 years old
I live in: Sweden

Some more information about me:
I am a active WoW player who loves to raid. Even if the group whipe on a single boss a whole raid I still see it as progress.
I do what I can to support my guild mates and make them happy with what I am doing, Also I try as good as I can to be a polite member.
On free days I use to hang around with some friends and chill or something like that mostly WoW, ehehe. OBS! I am going to change main for Cataclysm to my mage instead of Shaman,
because I miss the old good times in TBC when I played mage. So this char dont have the best gear atm, but that's fixable in Cata since every gear part will be replaced (=

In-game Information:

In-game name: Vixanthius
Class: Mage
Specc: Arcane
Offspecc: Frost PvP
Armory Link:

Specc I prefer: Any.

Raiding experience:
Pre BC: I raided ZG, AQ20 and some MC in Classic.

BC: In TBC I raided Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon and a little "The eye"

WOTLK: Naxx 10/25, Toc10/25, Togc10 (3/5), ICC10 11/12 (Had LK on 20% ><), ICC 25 11/12, ICC 10 Heroic 10/12 PP, LK still alive

Guild history: I transfered to Shattered hand some months ago, but I've played a little in "Fredagsmys" before that I have only been in social guilds. But on Nordrassil I was in the 7th best guild on the server. Called "Temple of Bauchus"

My personal WoW goals: To raid and have fun! And ofc make progress

Why do I want to join: I want to join because you seem like a nice guild and looks like you wanna do some real progress in Cata!

I still want to add: Hmm, Nothing that comes up to my mind atm.

You can reach me in-game in whisper on my main or alts: Vixanthius or Chep, Solonius. (Got more alts like Flyttlåda and Stén)
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PostSubject: Re: Vixanthius - 80 Mage.   Fri Dec 03 2010, 16:02

Oh! Forgot the armory link! Here it comes:
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Vixanthius - 80 Mage.
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