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 Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK

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PostSubject: Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK   Mon Dec 14 2009, 00:16

Pre-Message: Sorry Atalya, but I saw your application and stole your template. Hope you don't mind :p

Personal information:

Name: Dayle (Call me Dave.)
Age: 16
I live in: England

Some more information about me:

Aspiring IT Technician, I spend most of my time on/fixing computers, and I overall highly enjoy gaming. Basically, the standard Geek, so obviously I'm on almost all the time, and you can contact me via MSN/Skype at any time as my computer is left on almost 24/7.

In-game Information:

In-game name: Daedeloth
Class: Death Knight
Specc: Unholy DPS
Offspecc: N/A
Armory Link:

Specc I prefer: Unholy, started leveling my DK in unholy until it got nerfed in patch 3.1.0, then I switched to blood until 80.

Raiding experience:

Naxx 10
Naxx 25 (Some bosses)
OS 10
EoE 10

Ony 10/25
ToC 10 Normal

Guild history:
Only stuck in a few guilds for a while. The one guild I was in for about half a year (before it split & refomed(By Crayon Be Purged)) did the occasional raid, but never anything major. I did then join a small guild for a month or two who raided naxx/OS/EoE 10 most weeks, and I helped some of their members gear up, but felt that I myself was not getting anything useful out of that so I left.

My personal WoW goals:
Start getting in the mindset to farm as many Heroics as possible to get as much triumph gear as possible.
Get my Warrior Alt (72, Prot specced) to 80 ASAP.

Why do I want to join:
I'd like to get into a guild which raid often, netting me extra gear and emblems, and just a nice atmosphere to chat and have people to talk to while farming/questing.

If you need to contact me, I have these characters:


I hope thats enough to please you all, and have a good day. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK   Mon Dec 14 2009, 10:23

haha :3 I don't mind XD
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PostSubject: Re: Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK   Mon Dec 14 2009, 11:19

We could give you a probation period in the guild, wisp me in game if still interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK   

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Daedeloth - Lv. 80 Unholy DK
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